Monday, January 19, 2009

Some good blogs about Ukraine: Holiday Celebrations and the Gas Crisis with Russia

Lots of my friends are great bloggers (I was going to say "better bloggers than I" then realized how completely arrogant that is to put myself as the standard...ha!) ...anyway!!!!

I always enjoy the Silva's blog because along with having GREAT photos, there is usually a lot of great information about Ukraine. I don't know whether they do a lot of research or they just really catch things (living out in the village as they do! ha! Just had to tease you guys!) So check out this latest post to learn about Ukraine's interesting and extended (compared to the West) Christmas Holiday Season and Celebrations (my title, not Greg's).

Then a light look at a serious subject: Ukraine's Gas Crisis with Russia (see, very serious, capital letters). A very serious subject but Jake Knotts was able to add some levity by posting some jokes that have shown up on the internet. Check it out here. The last one is my favorite. :)


Greg and Edna Silva said...

Thanks Cara,
I'm glad you enjoy the posts. I really like learning about everything Ukrainian. I guess it shows.

So when are you coming out to visit our village? There's talk here that we may get a new street light. It should be pretty exciting if the rumors are true. ;)


Anonymous said...

huh... really like this thoughts..