Thursday, October 2, 2008

Greg's Great Hot Sauce Recipe

Ok, all my friends have great blogs, I just haven't had time to read everyone's lately so right now - ok - the Silva's blog is getting a little more "air time", shall we say. But the deal is, they have the killer hot sauce recipe. I am not a Californian. That will be a shameful thing to some, and a relief to others. :) But the result is after many years living in CA (before coming to Kyiv), I miss good hot sauce. Because Californians definitely know their hot sauce. And Greg surprised us all at the recent conference in Chernigov by whipping out a bottle of homemade hot sauce at breakfast. It was just the spice needed for the boiled potates and sort of breaded, fried, cutlet things we had at breakfast. YUM! Way to go, Greg! Click here to go to Edna and his blog to get the recipe.