Saturday, January 24, 2009

An announcement :)

I have a good friend who used to call me her "all or nothing" friend. "I ask you what time it is and you give me the workings of a clock", she said, in her typically British style. And it's true. So...I tortured you with wordy long blogs, then got the new camera and now it is photo mania. But I am just so happy! :) LOVE the new camera..(thanks, mom and dad!)

Anyway...soon I will start again with regular blog posting...and actually I am going to make a new commitment for .....change...ha! Seems like a good time for that. No seriously, I have a few blog readers that are actually strangers! Folks who actually are encouraged by what I write and read it with no "friend or family" obligation! Imagine that?!?! Ha! So, I am going to try and post more regularly with what I am regularly learning and what God is teaching me...there certainly are daily lessons. But until then, I still have some more photos to post...:)

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