Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the Road Again...

...or in the air again, I should say. So, Turkish Airlines is my new favorite airlines. Comfortable seats, good food, nice staff, AND discount flights thru May! :) And you gotta love the airport in Istanbul...Starbucks...need I say more? :)

The flight was just the icing on the cake of another really wonderful trip to Kyrgizstan. This shot shows the snow peaked mountains of Kazahkstan (I believe, I was just waking up).

I was there for just under two weeks to help with a marriage conference lead by Steve and Susie Carr from CCAG, and I will tell more about that soon, but first just Bishkek.

It's a city of 1 million, but compared to Kyiv (at a couple million more!) it seems like a small town to me. Plus the people just seem to be more open and helpful to strangers. This girl and her brother proudly showed me what the rains had brought out.

They laughed when I asked if they were going to eat them! (But hey, in a country that drinks horse milk, I was sort of serious!) When asked what they woud do with them, it seemed like that was sort of the silliest thing to ask. I mean, what else do you do when you see that all these guys have been washed up by the rain, but gather them in a pile, of course! :) Silly me. I actually remember doing the same with earthworms in Oregon. How soon we forget. :)

This shot may not seem like a big deal, but I was just caught by the fact that on the side of this Soviet era style building this was the only balcony that was painted (all the others were that dull grey) and it just so happened, that it was also the only spot that had any foliage around it! The other bare branches hadn't started to bud out after winter when I was there and this one bright blue balcony had all these beautiful blossoms around it. Nice. Ok, maybe stretching here a little, but it just made me think of the true principal that when we take the littlest step towards God He comes running to meet us, arms open wide. But whether you see that or nice, it is pretty, huh? :)

And this was just great. I don't know why I like all this Soviet art so much, but all I could think of when I saw it was leopard swimsuits and the Caveman swim team. :) Some of you will get that immediately. :) (This building doesn't even have a pool inside. It is an apartment building. So I'm not sure why the pool motif. Maybe the swim team lived there during soviet times? Who knows).

More about the rest of my trip soon.