Friday, January 15, 2010

"God waits to be gracious to you..." Isaiah 30:18 this beautiful, or what? Thank God for His creation! :)

So, long time no blog. :) Sorry for the absence. Right now I am visiting my church family and friends in CA (hence the beautiful sunset at Shell Beach). Most of you know that I recently had surgery to have my thyroid removed. The good news (that most of you know, too) is that the pathology revealed no cancer (as was thought there might be)! That was truly good news. And God has provided for all my bills to be paid! The hospital wrote off their bill and then part of the Body of Christ (who didn't specifically request to be anonymous, but who I think would like it that way) transferred some money from "God's right pocket to His left" (as a friend of mine calls it when one of God's children helps out another of His children...cuz it's all His money anyway!) and paid off the surgeon's bill and the endochronologist. God is good. The whole process was a long and amazing story of God's care and provision for me, but I will have to leave that for another time.

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