Monday, July 27, 2009

VBS, Bishkek style: The art of jimmy rigging :)

Summer = VBS (Vacation Bible School). :)

And if you've ever helped out with VBS anywhere in the world, you know it's a lot of work! It's especially a lot of work if it is in a foreign country and the location (church grounds or whatever) are not your own, but someplace where you rent.

But we had our fearless leader, Tracy, and so our first day went great!

(Here she is with the "framework" of our make-shift tent...just wait to see how it was transformed!)

It was not without a few hiccups (and not because it was cold! ha! Sorry, local joke), but I'm so amazed at how much fun the kids had and how well it all really went! And that's the point, right? For the kids to hear about Jesus and HAVE FUN! :)

So when the borrowed tent didn't have all the pieces, David just hung it over the "jungle gym".

The theme of camp is the Old Testament Tabernacle, looking at the areas of worship there and corresponding with Jesus' fullfillment of them in the New Testament.

So, with a few scarves and benches inside, some major "jimmy-rigging" outside, 'voila'! Not exactly the tapestries of the original tabernacle, but we liked it! :)

We had our Bible lessons, singing and memory verse lessons here in the tent.

So even if we didn't have the snazziest set-up, we thought it was pretty cool. :)

(This is our "over-head projector" for the words of the songs! Way to go, Nadia!) :)

We made papier mache "brazen lavers" that we will spray paint tomorrow and add our memory verses.

Then we "made" the altar for our "tabernacle" ...

(amazing what gold wrapping paper on an old washing machine box will do!)

Of course there were lots of relay races and games...

waterballoon tossing

and of course - SNACKS!

(David and Deborah cutting up watermellon!)

One big watermellon was devoured immediately and the water drank up quickly. Thankfully it wasn't as hot as it has been.

I doubt I'll be able to post photos every day, but just wanted to get some up of the first day to ask you all to be in prayer and thank you all for remembering us so far. Thanks!


Tanya Susidko said...

Great photos Cara, good to hear what you're up to.

Unknown said...

Cara, thanks for so many pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it! Gives me a whole new dimention of my own country. Loved everything about VBS, especially the old washing machine! What a great idea to throw water baloons on a parachute-like base... when you are in a "didactical" mood, please pretty-please tell me of the games you playes there. Games are always hard to come up with for me. lots of love, Sashechka

Cara Denney said...

Tanya: Thanks...I know, I am the lame communicator. Odd, for someone who loves words so much. Thanks for the grace. :)

Vlada, dahling! Oh you should have seen ALL of them! Ha! I had a hard time choosing! The kids are SO cute! :)

Sasha: Hi! Glad you liked it. Hope I didn't paint Bishkek in a bad light, I am loving it here! Will write you soon about game things and more. Take care!