Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy *Day...

I really do live in Kyiv. Really. But still, my friends tease me, asking "now what is the name of that village you live in, again"? :) But truly, it's officially the Darnitsky Region of Kyiv. But even so, we love our little "village" here.

With only a 10 minute marshrutka ride (although typically a quite squished one) to the metro, we are also only about a 10 minute walk to our woods.

(These girls are really out on a limb! ha! Sorry, couldn't resist!)

How's this for "a table in the wilderness"?

After days of Dasha and I being stuck sick in bed with the flu, we both finally had no temperatures for a full day and so had to get out! (Seems the "migraines" I was having before, were migraines of a type, but were probably associated with me trying to fight off the flu the finally nailed me.)

(Hot coffee in a Starbuck's mug didn't hurt Dasha's recovery, either!)

Yeah, probably some might think that this is not the best idea the first day of feeling better, but believe me, it really made us all feel better!

We came home and ate the rest of the "deruni" (potato pancakes) that we had for breakfast with tea and had fun laughing at the photos we took. Good food, fresh air, and laughing the best medicine!

(Bummer, my photo edit program stuck so couldn't crop this shot of Katya and I better, oh well.)

(*with thanks and apologies to Robert Frost for the use and misuse of the title of his beloved poem in naming this post),


Greg and Edna Silva said...

So, you're feeling better? That means you can finally come visit us in Bila Tserkva. It only cost 15 UAH, so what are you waiting for? The gang from Pryluky will be here this weekend, but the more the merrier if you're up for it. We'd love for you to see our church.

Tell Dasha and Katya we said привіт.


Sue C said...

I'm glad you are feeling better...and that the migraines may be gone for good. Your woods are lovely! : )

Cara Denney said...

Greg and Edna: Yes, as soon as I get to Chernigov which I had to cancel because I was sick! :( But yes, I need to SOON!

Truth: Thanks for the nice anonymous blog fan. :)