Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's the little things...

Just a quick update to show you how much Kristin liked her bulletin board that the girls decorated. (See the previous post).

There are envelopes and what not on there where she can tuck away little notes or whatever. And there are "frames" for her to put pictures in. It has the words "dream, believe, imagine" on there, too, among other things. It really is cute. :) She was really happy.

We were able to put together some things to make Kristin's corner of the room special just for her. Years ago a friend had helped me find a handmade quilt at the second-hand bazaar here. That with a bright pink rug I had - but had never used - made it her purple and pink corner. Kristin was adopted by the Markey's when she was just a baby and is now 10. Kristin is one-of-a-kind and I was so happy that she likes her new room.
These last few postings may seem fairly banal, but as I am getting ready to leave behind people and things from the last 8 years I realize it really is all the little things that add up to a lot and that people are so much more important than programs and it is in showing love to one another that we really see and experience the love of God in this world.


ukrainiac said...

These last posts have been great, Cara. It IS all about the people! Hopefully you'll be posting similarly in Prague!! We want to know all about the people there...and how you interact with them. (I think that's called, uh, ministry!!)

ukrainiac said...

So, do you have any more junk and creative friends to make more?

Kristin looks soooo happy in her corner!