Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Road Trip with Caitlin! :)

I keep having these wonderful experiences while I am here in the states that make me think..."WOW! Ok, THIS is my best Christmas present". :) And then something else happens that tops the last basically...I'm blessed. :)

The latest was a road trip with my niece. :) We started out from my folks' place (the BAADLANDS) in Grants Pass, Or.

(Pretty cute standing by my dad's old tractor.)

And what good road trip can start in GP without Dutch Brothers Coffee?

The "Dutch Mafia", to those in the know.. :)

Thankfully the record snow storms had let up in Oregon so we had clear roads and smooth sailing on our drive to California to visit my brother and his family.

Unfortunately, we got a late start (stopping for coffee, ya know) so it was dark through some of the prettiest places. Didn't stop us photo hounds from taking pictures anyway! More soon. :)


The Larson Family said...

KARA! I love the shot where your hair is picking up some neon magenta glow....i am pretty sure that's neon glow...unless you have gone native with some UKR hair dye.

Ira said...

Hey there!
Here's my email: Could you please email me Olenka's email? Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your time here! =)

Ira said...

Oh by the way, you have been tagged on my blog! =D