Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More "on the road with" Caitlin :)

Ok....more pictures of Caitlin. Just ever since our road trip with her dad to England she has been one of my favorite photo subjects...she's just so photogenic...but then I'm seriously biased. :)

So here we are mugging it by the Sacramento River.

This was on our way to catch her flight...that was delayed. :( So much so that they re-booked her.

I tried to convince her that train was the way to travel, but since this one in Old Sacramento probably hasn't run for years, she wasn't buying it.

Finally she boarded a plane out of Sacramento. This "art" from lost and found luggage was something to be seen in the airport terminal. Not sure when or where Caitlin and I will meet next, but I'm sure glad for the time that I had. She is a treasure. Thanks Janice and Brent (aka mom and dad) for the loan. :) Love you all.

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