Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

Over the past 10 years living in Ukraine I have had to become a "city girl" (I actually flew back into America this year on the exact date that 10 years ago I first flew into Kyiv to start living there!). Taking the metro, hailing taxis, living in a city of
millions of people has become my daily routine. But in my heart I am still a hick from Grants Pass, Oregon. :)

There are certain things that when I see them they just make me feel good. They remind me of home, of my parents, of the things that make up who I am so much more than I realize. They are not particularly beautiful things, in maybe the traditional sense...but they are beautiful to me.

My parents surprised me with an early Christmas present this year of a camera to replace the one that was lost along with my purse a year ago. It's so nice to be blogging with photos again! :)

So these are just shots that are probably no big deal to anyone else, but they capture a little of what is so familiar to me about my parent's home and so are dear to me, if to no one else. :)


Ira said...

THis is so wonderful! I know exactly what you mean. The picture of the shelving really reminds me of this new cartoon "Wall-e" (REALLY cute!). It's so awesome you can have your parents and the home you grew up in and all the memories that go along with those... that is a true Christmas present.

Annie said...

Beautiful photos! My husband is from Klamath Falls.