Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!"...

This is the first of hopefully a few dispatches from Oregon. I am here in "God's Country" enjoying my family for the holidays.

We got a light dusting of snow recently and here's how it looked at the pond in my folk's backyard.

I've seen plenty of snow for the past 9+ winters in Kyiv, but "city snow" is so much different than "country snow". It makes a simple thing like the driveway down to the barn look so picturesque, (at least to me!)

And what about this cute guy? How can you resist a mug like that? Ok, I can hear some of my friends saying "Resist that mug? Easily!" :) But I think a face like that just makes you want to say "Hi guy!" :)

And this stylish if Kyiv "devushki" were the only ones that made sure their winter "coats" stylishly match the weather?! :)

Ok, yes, having a great time here. :)


this too will pass said...

brrrrrrrrr, looks cold

Greg and Edna Silva said...

I love the pictures! Especially the cute little goats!! :)

Have a great Christmas with your family.


Anya said...

i know you can't resist that mug, Cara.... if you couldn't resist adopting that nasty pet of yours, how can you say no to that way better looking goat????

The Larson Family said...

HI Cara! I have a soft spot for goats to! Great to See a post and hear what's happening. Are you going to be in Idaho at all?? would love to see you if you are close or even passing through!! email me

Cara Denney said...

"this too will pass" I know you? :) No matter, you have a cool blog (checked it out, nice pics)...but really, not as cold here in Oregon as in Kyiv usually! :)

Greg and Edna...the goats are adorable. Look for more of them here. :) Hope you guys have wonderful holidays, too, great to have seen you at the party before I left! Don't look for the bestseller "The Naked Stranger" on Amazon's lists anytime soon! ha!

Anichka,moya doragaya...YOU CRACK ME UP!!! :)Although I don't agree that the goat is better looking. I may have to post some pictures of Spot just to celar that misconception of yours up...although it seems to me that it may take more than a few pictures to change your long term therapy and serious mind altering drugs! :) LOVE YOU, even if you hate my cat. :)

Larsons...would SO love to see you guys, but barely have time to get to see folks in OR and CA let alone Idaho...have some good friends in Moscow,too (ID as well as RU! ha!). Hope you are all well. Good to be in touch. You won't be at the missions conference in CA will you? Take care!


mom/popfoote said...

Cara, if you get down this way we would love to see you and have a vacancy in our upstairs if you don't come the week after the missions conference!

Cara Denney said...

hey Footes (original variety!)...thanks for the invite. :) I am traveling with my niece and so with that and the weather our plans are a little flexible. But one way or the other I would love to at least meet up for coffee or something? Can you send me a contact number for you guys? You can email it to Hope it works out to see you! Cara