Sunday, June 15, 2008

Paul McCartney in Kyiv.....WOW!

Ok...I have a friend that used to call me her "all or nothing" friend...and I guess that's true. Either these whopping long serious posts, or...ones like this one!

Paul McCartney was in concert tonight on Kyiv's Independence Square - in the heart of downtown Kyiv. It was AWESOME! It rained and poured throughout the day (even hailed!) and was really pouring when the concert actually began. It was crazy trying to get through the crowds with umbrellas, etc. We actually (Danny and Annaliese Foote and I) sought refuge in a Scottish pub and were watching it on TV to see if the concert was actually going to take place or be rained out.

But when the whole pub, Ukrainians and expats alike, all started singing "Love, Love Me Do" off-key and with interesting accents all around, it was more than we could take to be that close to the concert and be hearing all of them instead of HIM. Paul.

So, we braved the rain, made our way to the "non-alcohol" area that was guarded by police and eventually the rain let up! It was GREAT! The crowd there was pretty mellow and it was just great.

I haven't yet replaced my camera that I unfortunately lost not long ago so this post is sadly devoid of pictures, but Danny took some and as soon as he sends them I will post them.

The funniest highlights to me were when Paul took out a mandolin people around me remarked that he was playing a balalaika (sp?). :) That was funny. And when he was trying to speak Ukrainian he said only the last word in a phrase so that it was understandable and everyone around me turned to look at each other and said "Oh! Pesnu!" because they recognized the word "song" that he had just was funny. :)

The whole evening was great. Danny and Liese are my new vote for "coolest missionaries in Ukraine"...nothing personal to everyone else, its just that if they wouldn't have wanted to go I probably wouldn't have gone by myself, but they did - and I did...and it was GREAT! Even if he didn't sing Helter Skelter. Manson affiliations aside, it is really a great song that has nothing to do with all the things Charlie wanted to connect it to. BUT all the others were great, too..

Ok...enough gushing, have to pack and then hit the hay before I get up early to go to Hungary for the CC Eastern European Missions Conference. I wasn't going to go (not in the budget!) and the church here wanted me to go so are covering me for now. Very cool.

Oh, final word...not many guys can rock like that at 25, LET ALONE 65, so - WAY TO GO , PAUL! :)


Marina said...

i watched the concert on tv. it really was a great night. even on tv :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo wanted to be there!

Josh Termeer said...

Interesting reading your account vs Danny's, it's kind of like reading two different gospels, I'd put you in the luke catagory and him in the mark catagory :)Hey put me on your blogroll I'm trying to let my inner blogging superstar shine.

Cara Denney said...

Josh! GREAT to hear from you. Will totally add you, but not right away, I'm on the road and rushed for online time that isn't interupted! But I will when I can get to a stable connection. Love you guys! :)