Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kyiv Winter Memories

Two roads diverged in, well certainly not the "yellow" wood that Robert Frost described, but rather a very snowy wood that is on my way to church here in Kyiv. For the last few years (and the next 2 weeks!) this has been my path to church. First I walked from my apartment to the metro (10 minutes), rode the metro for 2 stops (10 minutes) got out and rode the escalator to change lines (5 minutes), rode the metro again for 6 stops (15 minutes) climb the stairs from the metro station to the street above and then a walk to church that included this field (15 minutes). And you say your church is too much of a hassle for you to get to? :)

This is Marilyn (American), Quin (Chinese), Bennet (Sudanese) and Misha (Ukrainian).

I always say that when we are all together I feel like we are "United Colors of Benetton" ad. :)

This was a few weeks ago, and now we are actually having very bright, crisp days that show the hopeful signs of spring. But when people think of Ukraine, they think of snow and I just couldn't leave the country without sharing some favorite shots.

This is the walk from my house to the metro. Pretty, huh?

But not everyone has to walk! Some folks just know how to work it, huh? :)


ukrainiac said...

Great pictures. Did you borrow that child on the sled?

Cara Denney said...

..uh? Don't get it? Borrow for what?

ukrainiac said...

You must think I'm crazy. (Don't answer that!) It looks like YOU pulling the sled, and I wasn't aware that you had a child, so I thought maybe you borrowed a child for the picture...