Saturday, March 17, 2007

While the Rat's away...

Now, this is not to say that my dear friend Jake is a rat. BUT while he was away I did visit Anya and Maia in Chernigov and well...let's just say that the family affection for coffee looks sure to be carried on down the line...

And there were other little "mice-es"(or is that "meese"?) at play as well in Chernigov. Steven and Teresa from Moldova (formerly missionaries here in Ukraine in Nizhen and Priluki) surprised us all and showed up with their little guy. Looks like he's had TOO much coffee. :)

Conor was gone, too, so I guess Gavin wanted to show that he was listening to mom and obeying...see? He's "all
ears". (sorry for that.) :)
Emma, however, is looking a little bit like something's up.

So, this isn't everything that went on while the "Papa-rats" were away, but these were some of the highlights. :)

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