Monday, April 16, 2007

So what is the scoop? Part 1: WHO?

Ok, enquiring minds want to know what the heck is going on with me in Prague so here is the first in a short series of "factual" updates (as opposed to LOTS of philosophising and few facts, as I usually like to do).

My departure from Kyiv was a whirlwind, to say the least. And the trip here was...well...a trip. :} More on both of those later (complete with pictures...that is still a bit problematic due to no internet at home).

I could do a full posting on each of these following points (complete with photos!) and I probably will, but here's the scoop thus far...

WHO: I have a wonderful roomie, Noelle Swedlow, whom a lot of you Calvary-ites know from various spots around the globe. She served for three years in Hungary and was a student at the school there, too. She is from CA and is currently serving in Spain and the plan is that she is just here with us in Czech for a short time to fulfill visa requirements for Spain (to be out of the country). But we'll see! She is a huge blessing and I am so glad she is here right now.

Jason Carlyle is leading our little fellowship. (We just have a weeknight study right now). He helped start a fellowship in Hungary and was a student at the school there, too. He was a youth pastor in Idaho and is just a great guy. He has a very humble heart and a zeal to serve God and love people. He's been here since Sept. learning the language and culture.

Jon Atkins is also here temporarily, unfortunately. :( Jon is a CA transplant that now hails from Idaho, too. He is studying here at an international university and is the fodder for many great sociological and cultural conversations. He is a gifted worship leader and guitarist, so he will be greatly missed when he leaves in May to finish his studies in the states. Maybe I will learn guitar to fill in when he leaves? Pray about that! :)

Tomas (pronounced "Tomash") is our faithful translator/cultural instructor/friend. Tomas has been involved with the other church plant efforts over the years here and is a real asset to our little team. He is an English teacher in a local school and our translator for the Bible study. Pray for him, all you my translator friends, as YOU know more than anyone how much work is involved in being the translator for a new work!

So that's our little team! :) As for who is attending the study...this is getting long, so that's another post. WHO, Part II. :)


Michelle said...

Cara, thanks for the update...I am sorry I haven't emailed but am crazed out here in California as you can understand. I will email you when I get back to Kiev. I love the photo of you in the garden. I am praying for you!

Unknown said...

Cara, don't get me wrong- I enjoy your philosophizing-really- but being out of the loop I couldn't wait to hear more about what you were doing Prague- I'm so excited for you- keep the blog updates coming- love you- amy h

Jake Knotts said...

yes, definitely praying for tomas in his unrepayed labor of love translating for americans..... those ungrateful, exploiting, slang-filled ever talking creatures... just kiddin :) thanks for the post. we are checking your blog REGULARLY, hungry for updates. all of our team are praying for you, and the difficulties of adjusting to HOWs and WHOMs